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Our unique insight into the Brazilian and South American culture makes us the experts in this region. For the last 25 years, we have created trips and packages customized to fit our customers’ specific needs. Why are we the experts? Because we understand the Brazilian and South American way of life. It’s not enough to sell a destination — you also must have first-hand knowledge of the wonders of living in it. This is us — Brazilian Travel Centre!... Learn More

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Tour to your heart’s content with the Brazilian Travel Centre! Travel through the beauty of Brazil tourism to discover the wonders of the South America world with our tours of Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Fancy a travel that will ignite the senses, get lost in the mountains and discover Brazil culture like never before? The team at Brazilian Travel Centre are ready to get your bags packing. Discover our South America tours and book in your next adventure with magical Brazilian Travel Centre.



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